We love Stacey Dash... We REALLY HEART her!!

One Word - STUNNING!!! Okay maybe we should add an extra word - GORGEOUSNESS!! And those are CHILDREN - Austin, 20 years old, and her 7 years old daughter Lola.

Kylie Minogue in Superfine Leather Swirl Jeans.

Kylie looked stylish in her Superfine leather swirl jeans and black fur vest styled with grey long sleeve, completed with Yves Saint Laurent pumps.

Halle Berry and Garcelle Beauvais

Two hot-mamas in laid back chic denim looks. They both look so adorable for their age (talking of which, yes we got a year older a few days ago, yep, a w-h-o-l-e year older!)

I really hope I look this great at their age.

We heart Rachel Bilson