1511th Online Update & Happy Thanksgiving!

The website is almost done and I mean just a few more tweaks and it would be up and running. I am so excited and thankful to God for the way things have turned around - thank you Lord! A bit so-so it's taking longer than expected but hey! it has been worth it.

I still have not decided on all the brands we would be stocking, so far I only have 2! Any suggestions? It is harder than I thought, they are all so nice.

Sending out emails to be official distributors, so fingers crossed for us, then the photo shoot session will begin..fun times! We still have a lot of things to do but we are doing them and that's good I guess.

I am at New Jersey visiting my darling friend and in true American style - Happy Thanksgiving to you all , I am going for a Thanksgiving Dinner...(my first ever, shhh) - I am grateful for millions of things this year and I thank God for loving me and letting His love for me show in my life, my families' and friends' lives .......Happy Thanksgiving and what are you thankful for?

Stylish Mum - Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham out with kids Cruz and Romeo and we must say she is looking stunning for such a casual look.

The two tone inserts jeans are so cute - watch out for them in 2010. Not sure if those are from her Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Michelle Williams in White Denim

So we have been out of the loop for a minute.....ok maybe 3 minutes!! But we are back now and promise to fill you in on all that you could have missed - yes we do mean overload!

Got these fab pictures of Michelle Williams in white denim from our friends over at The White Dress Shop, who by the way have some amazing new collections at the moment, so do visit and stock up for all your Christmas parties coming soon. Thanks guys.

Nicky Hilton in JBrand

Totally loving, Nicky Hilton's look - J Brand jeans and amazing rock chic jacket. She was spotted shopping with Paris in West Hollywood.

Amerie in Levi's Shorts

Gorgeous Amerie appears in Complex’s October/November issue and here are pictures of her in Denim Levi's Shorts, Current/Elliott Denim vest and the lovely Bracelet by Anna Sheffield for Bing Bang (this was also worn in the Citizen's of Humanity Spring 2010 lookbook).

Her her fourth album In Love & War, is out this week - can't wait to get it!

Rock & Republic: Recessionistas Will Still Be Wearing Fashion Denim

An interesting article in the New Entrepreneur section of BusinessWeek, it features the Rock and Republic founder Michael Ball's new line, Recession Denim. The article also features the price drop in retail cost of Rock & Republic.

It is a good insight of the world of denim sales - decided to share it with you guys.
Last November, right around the time when the economy took a nose-dove, I spoke with Rock & Republic founder Michael Ball who had made a name and a fortune selling his elaborately expensive jeans. At its high-point (just before the economy tanked), the luxury denim category appeared to follow the inflated housing market, what with people willing to spend $300 - plus in order to carry the cachet that these fancy blue-jeans were supposed to confer on the wearer. In the fall of 2008, market researcher NPD Group reported that luxury denim had become an $11 billion industry in the U.S. and one that had grown enviably — 5% to 7% a year. Ball had built a $300 million brand empire based on his designer jeans before expanding his product line to include cosmetics, accessories, and shoes that were sold in 86 countries.

When the stock market crashed and the economy skidded to a halt however, people began to think twice about paying the kind of money for a pair of jeans that they would for a fine bottle of wine. Ball noted that during the first half of 2008, Rock & Republic’s sales had spiked 14% only to fall flat during the second half. His ambitious plans (which included boutique hotels) were placed on hold and he said that he was not going to price his jeans above $280. “The top-tier has fallen off,” he said, “there is no point in sitting there.”

Fast forward to a year later — Ball who is known as much for his brash personality and marketing finesse as he is for his expensive jeans was now pushing the top-tier down even further. In a nod to affordable luxury Ball released a new line of denim called appropriately enough: Recession Jeans. Priced at $128 to $132, the new iteration of Rock & Republic cost less than half the price of Ball’s famous $300 designer duds.

While the new price still hovered way above a pair of jeans at the Gap, Ball was not necessarily abandoning the $$$ = hip quotient that he had built his brand on. When Ball was starting out he created a swell of demand for his original pricey jeans by limiting the number of retailers he would sell to —even refusing to sell to Barney’s and Bloomingdale’s). He deployed a similar strategy when he unveiled his recession collection this past spring, the four-line offering was billed as a Limited Edition and sold only in a small number of outlets and for a finite period of time.

Rock & Republic’s skinny jeans may now cost less than before but Ball still seems to know how to drum up exclusivity at any price point and that may be the key to staying one step ahead of the economy. Then again, if things don’t pick up, Ball and his competitors may have to push the top-tier down another rung or two. Then the future of premium denim might have a different kind of label, along the lines of: Rock & Republic jeans for Target.

Citizens of Humanity - Spring 2010

We are in awe of the Spring 2010 women’s Look Book for Citizens of Humanity, the new line looks so divine. It features their classic cuts and more exciting washes! Tie dye, acid wash and lots of distressing....(distress is around for a while).

I really love the denim vests, the uber cute light wash skinnys, the accessories and shoes - I really need those YSL Pumps.

Here is a cut from their press release thanks to Denimblog:

The Spring 2010 CITIZENS OF HUMANITY collection seamlessly blends the chic femininity of French Riviera Nautical, the edgy masculinity of Sophisticated Punk and the timeless simplicity of Americana Vintage. The recurring theme of understated luxury and authentic craftsmanship throughout the season brings these distinctive styling groups together to create a collection
unlike any other. Knits range in soft spring solids to bold innovative finishes influenced by the denim wash processes that have been perfected by Jerome Dahan and Adriano Goldschmied.

Rihanna - Clubbing In New York

Rihanna out and about in New York on Monday night. Loving her laid back look and the added leopard print boots which gives a wild-kick to it. Heart those shoes! Love it!

Crop-tops are also one of the 80s comeback this season and can be coupled with Skinny Jeans AND flat toned abs.

A new Giveaway by Onada - Burt Bees Radiance Kit

Our friend, Onada has a new giveaway - Burt Bees Radiance Kit! This is absolutely perfect for the winter and thanks to Onada, you can have it all for free. Click here to find out more on rules to enter.