Current/Elliott Skinnies

Stylists, Emily Current & Meritt Elliott with their love for vintage denim, met with friend Serge Azria, his innovative ideas, financial backing and abracadabra! Current/Elliott was born in summer of 2008! Their belief is dressing without rules and mixing high pieces and low pieces to create a fun and fearless elegance that is uniquely theirs. Serge Azria is the CEO, creative director, silent partner and owner of the brand.

Current/Elliot is all about customized vintage, breath ability matched with carefree femininity. The fit is more flattering for a woman’s body and does not sacrifice the comfort. They’re flattering in a rugged, relaxed way, while still allowing the wearer to look trendy and put together.

To be honest, Current/Elliot denim collection would make any woman commit major vices, the need to buy a pair in every single style - Gluttony. In sizes, most of their jeans run large compared to standard designer sizing and it is advised to size down one size (the joy of having a size "26" that fits so well on my size 27 waist is amazing). Alternative, if desired, you can keep your regular size to create a slouchy looser fitting jean. Either ways, their jeans are a pleasure to wear as they are extremely flattering to any figure.

Here are some of our favorite at 1511th....

Ciara, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian in the 1968 Loved Destroyed Skinny Jean - Edgy simple look. Do be careful with the rips because they really do have a mind of their own.

Gisele Bundchen and Kristin Cavallari in the Current/Elliott Treasured Destroy

Photo Credit: Coolspotters

Rihanna in the Current/Elliott The Cropped Legging with Zippers - As tight as it gets and we love it!

Photo Credit:CelebrityFashionTips


Anonymous said...

Dont like the rips, the less rips, the better the jeans look. And you can tell the rips do get out of control so they just end up being a waste of money except u stitch them back up.