Things we know

In a short space of time, Jeans have evolved a lot in fashion, improved in style and quality and can show off your figure to its best. They have become hugely important piece of clothing in every woman's wardrobes.

But getting that so-right perfect fit is alot trickier because of the many jeans styles around and magazines that dictate everybody should wear this or that style, when the truth is we all have different shapes, so no one style is going to suit everyone.

Finding the right jeans to hide what you want to hide and show off your best features could be a mission but getting the wrong cut or style can do you no favours at all

Along the way, we intend on giving a few tips of things to avoid when and things we know about jeans, hope this helps.


Onada - Fashion and Photography said...

The elliot jeans are cute. I like the looks on the various celebrities.